Meet Your Chiropractic Practitioners


Dr. David Hammond

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Dr. Hammond was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C and was first introduced to Chiropractic through a number of sports injuries from playing soccer and rugby. He received his Chiropractic degree (with honours) from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 2008. He also holds a Honours Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.

David has been the owner of Glover Road Chiropractic since 2009. He has a special interest in treating sports injuries, concussions and utilizing soft tissue therapy. He is certified in Graston Technique (GT®) and trained in Active Release Techniques (ART®), Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) and Rocktape. Dr. Hammond trained as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) under the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He enjoys working with teams and athletes of all ages and abilities.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons and French Bulldog. In his free time he likes running, swimming, fishing, and coaching his kids’ baseball and soccer teams. David is an avid sports fan and lifelong supporter of the Vancouver Canucks.


Dr. Jay Rennicks

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Dr. Rennicks is a caring dedicated chiropractor who focuses on being thorough. Good listening and careful examination are a part of every visit.

Dr. Rennicks is an honours graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and has been practicing since 2006. Prior to that he obtained his under-graduate degree from Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo.

After finishing Chiropractic College, he pursued further studies in a variety of soft tissue treatments and sports therapy treatments including Graston Techniques (GT®) and Active Release Therapy (ART®) and Functional Range Release. This allows Dr. Rennicks to treat muscles and soft tissues in addition to traditional chiropractic treatment. He can treat other issues not typically treated by chiropractic treatment such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and other soft tissue or sports injuries. He places great emphasis on rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise.

Dr. Rennicks has been on the Sports Medicine team at Trinity Western University and has worked with all of their teams including Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Track and Hockey. He has seen a variety of pro and semi pro athletes including athletes from the NHL, WHL, and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

His areas of expertise include back and neck issues/injuries, whiplash and MVA injuries, sports injuries, headaches, and sciatica.

Meet Your Massage Therapists


Jennifer Webber

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Jennifer Webber is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the College of Massage Therapist of BC and a member of The Registered Massage Therapist Association of British Columbia.

In her spare time you’ll find Jennifer cooking with her husband as well as hiking, biking, and staying active with various types of movement practices such as Yoga, Pilates and circuit training.

She has extensive training of the body’s anatomy and physiology and has done continuing education to further her treatment techniques. With her knowledge she facilitates her patients’ physical wellness within a safe environment to achieve their optimal physical health goals. She feels it is vital to listen and customize each and every treatment plan according to her patients needs. Jennifer looks forward to meeting you.


Nicole Brass

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Nicole Brass is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the College of Massage Therapist of BC and a member of the Registered Massage Therapist Association of BC. Nicole graduated from West Coast College of Massage in the spring of 2019. She is committed to helping her patients feel their best. She has helped patients with postural, sports related and overuse injuries to live a more pain-free lifestyle. Nicole places great value in educating her patients and empowering them to participate in their own healthcare by providing specific stretching, strengthening or postural exercises after treatment - this allows them continue to achieve improvements even after a massage treatment.

Nicole uses a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue, joint mobilization, muscle energy, active stretching and fascial.


Brian Leiper

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Brian Leiper is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the College of Massage Therapist of BC and a member of The Registered Massage Therapist Association of British Columbia.

He graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2019. It was there that Brian was introduced to a diverse range of Massage Therapy techniques. In his free time Brian hikes, plays soccer, and enjoys snowboarding. An avid sports fan he enjoys working with athletes of all levels to facilitate functional movement or recovery from injury. With a keen interest in pain science Brian is well equipped to help deal with different forms of chronic pain, and mobility issues.

Trevor Young, RMT

Trevor Young

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Trevor graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and has been practicing in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia since 2019. Before becoming a massage therapist Trevor completed his Bachelors degree in Psychology and Communication at Simon Fraser University.

Trevor developed an interest in massage therapy after having several sports injuries and seeing the benefits that massage therapy offered for recovery. Trevor is passionate about the body and how it works, and is keen to facilitate, and continually ensure the body functions optimally. Trevor uses a variety of techniques to manipulate muscles, joints, and fascia to decrease pain, increase circulation, and promote healing of injuries. He also provides education in the form of homecare specific to his patients needs and abilities.

Trevor is a fan of all things sports and in his spare time enjoys being physically active. He can be found Olympic weightlifting, hiking, playing hockey, and much more.